The Power Puff Guild

Girls, girls......zombies?

In which the party draws closer to their foe...

Picking up immediately after the Guild’s initial encounter with the hobgoblin guards, they took a rest, binding their wounds and eating a Splug prepared snack of Imitation Goblin Jerky. (may or may not contain real Goblin.) After this, they explored the surrounding rooms and found only empty hobgoblin barracks, stacked with filthy beds. Proceeding easterly, Serma and Bambi followed a hall which seemed to lead to a sort of meeting room. A flagstone shifted beneath Serma’s feet and brought a portcullis crashing down in front of her. She and Bambi attempted to break the bars, but to no avail. After careful assessment, Michael step forward and smote the gate with his bare hand, shattering it with holy fury. The party proceeded forward.

Once in the room, they were able to find little of value. Quickly, the doors to the east and south slammed open, with more Hobgoblins swarming out. Lead by a tall, menacing Hobgoblin dressed as a Warchief, he instructed his minions to take the Guild alive, so that they could be sold to the Bloodreavers, presumably as slaves. This was not looked upon favorably by those the hobgoblins intended to take prisoner. Reaghan reacted the quickest, putting a trio of the beasts to sleep. The Warchief’s phalanx of protective suck ups was dissolved rapidly by Serma, Whisper, and Bambi. Caught between all of them, with no support, the Hobgoblin leader quickly fell, and then his sleeping cohorts were made to never wake again. Searching the area, Whisper located a chest in what seemed to be the Chief’s room, securing a pile of gold as well as a vicious serrated short sword. She knew that while it would be wonderful to maim her enemies with it, it was not the weapon for her. She traded it to Bambi for a crossbow, momentarily forgetting her pact with the Star Gods had robbed her of the nimble fingers necessary to operate the device.

Leaving the area, the party explored a set of doors to the north, alerting more hobgoblins to their presence. Bambi, clutching her new short sword, was a foaming nightmare, hacking down Hobgoblins left and right. Reaghan had memorized a new spell and dazzled enemies with it’s pyrotechnic displays. A slight mishap did occur during the battle when Reaghan accidentally fired on Bambi and hit her. Bambi shrugged off the shot physically, but was annoyed at Reaghan’s horrible aim. Without much further mishap, the hobgoblins were dispatched. Serma and Bambi split the coin found.

For lack of anywhere else to go, the party proceeded south from the guard rooms, into darkness. Lit by Reaghan’s wand, they passed through a set of doors into what appeared to be a memorial, with a colossal statue of a warrior dominating the center of the room, and dragon statues on the east end. To the south, more doors beckoned with a flock of cherub statues surrounding it. Bambi immediately sensed something wrong, noticing the dust near the statues was disturbed. Warning the others, she cautiously approached the warrior statue, everyone fearing dark magic would animate the sculptures. They were partially right. As Bambi approached, a small click was heard, and she was knocked to the ground by the swing of the statue’s stone sword, the sculpture spinning around in a huge circle on it’s pedestal. She crawled back quickly out of range, the statue stopping it’s motion. It appeared to be either motion or proximity triggered. Not wishing to find out the effects of the dragon statue, the party stuck close to the west wall, avoiding the reach of the statue’s sword. Whisper proceeded past the cherub statues towards the south doors, when magical walls boxed her in between the cherubim, the cherubs tipping their jars over and starting to fill the space with water. Seeing the immediate danger, Reaghan and Bambi rushed over, working together along with Whisper to disable the magic animating one of the cherubs and the wall being generated. Michael attacked another, hacking at it with his falchion. Serma walked forward to work with Michael, finding the dragon statues would blast anyone who came too close with waves of energy. Unaffected by their attack, Serma struck Aecris against the enchanted stone, hoping to disrupt the enchantment so Whisper could escape a watery fate. The water had reached to Whisper’s chest by the time the two statues were disabled or destroyed, respectively. Reaghan took cover around the corner as the water and Whisper rushed out, knocking most of the party backwards into the range of the Warrior Statue. The girls hit the floor, remembering it’s deadly attack. Michael managed to bend backwards almost in half to avoid the trap’s sweep. Serma endured another blast of the dragon statues as everyone beat a hasty retreat into the south room, failing to stop for a rest.

Bambi was the first through the door, running smack into a pack of zombies. Half gnawed humanoid corpses were scattered through the crypt. As battle was joined, it was made clear the zombies were following the lead of a ghoul, who was handily dispatched through the combined efforts of Bambi, Reaghan, and Michael, who dealt the creature a staggering blow when he abjurred it in Bahumut’s name. While fighting zombies, the party noticed a small clay homunculus was watching their efforts, and as the ghoul was defeated, it screeched for it’s master and made for a side hallway. Michael dispatched the construct, baking it with the blessing of Bahumut. After that, the zombies were easily mopped up, leaving the group time to search the area. Bambi found a small tunnel leading to another abattoir of a chamber. Searching the rotted and half-eaten bodies, she found a bag that jingled. As she poured out the gold, she noticed that it held more gold than it possibly could have based on it’s weight and size. She quickly scooped the gold back up, claiming the bag as hers. Though ill at ease and almost literally at death’s doorstep, the party elected to make camp, daring ot rest one last time before their final battle with the Deathpriest



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