The Power Puff Guild

In the Hall of the Mountain Mages

In which the Guild has a marked change of scenery.

After the defeat of Deathpriest Scott, life in Winterhaven became a lot more relaxed. The guild was hailed as heroes and champions of good, and did not wont for anything. (Certainly didn’t have to pay for drinks or meals at the Inn.) After a few days, Michael Went bounding off on another crusade, and Bambi was AWOL, leaving Whisper, Reaghan and Serma to field the next call to action.

Sister Linora, a priestess of Avandra, came to the Inn, asking for the party’s aid (While enduring some lascivious looks from Whisper) in rescuing some villagers from Riversdown (in the nearby Harkenwold Forest) who had been taken captive by the Bloodreavers . The name was one Serma recalled being thrown about by the Hobgoblin Warchief down in the Keep, and was one which carried connotations of slavers. Serma had heard the name around the Vale, the group it belong to was a band of cutthroats and brigands based somewhere near Thunderspire Mountain, for whom slavery would just be another way to make coin. She told the sister the group would consider rendering aid, and discussed it with Reghan and Whisper. While the eladrin was reluctant, Whisper saw this as an opportunity to right a great wrong in Bahumut’s name. Outvoted, Reghan elected to travel with the others to free the captives. Based on Serma’s knowledge of the gang, the group assumed they would be holded up either on or in the mountain. Reghan’s near encyclopedic knowledge kicked in, allowing her to advise the others of the presence of the Mages of Saruun and the Seven Pillared Hall in the mountain. Serma decided that at the very least, it would be a good place to begin their search. During the conversation, also discussed were the tales of Lord Anthony Stark and his suit of magical armor.

While the other two tucked in what would likely be their last decent meal for awhile, Serma headed out to the chapel to inform Sister Linora they would be saving the captives (And to apologize for Whisper’s flirting.) As she proceeded down the the street, she noticed she was being tailed. The person noticed she noticed and revealed himself to be Bairwin, the owner of the Shop of Wonders in town. He’d overheard the conversation back at the inn and had a request of his own to make. Serma cautiously heard him out. Bairwin wished for her to conduct a trade on his behalf while in the Seven Pillared Hall. He wanted her to give a cask (which he gave to her.) to a drow that would be identified as “Gendar” in exchange for what Gendar would provide. As long as this was done discreetly (With only Gendar knowing she was Bairwin’s proxy) and the item procured from Gendar was given to Bairwin, Bairwin would be more than happy to compensate Serma for her time. Serma reluctantly accepted, and threatened to take Bairwin down if what he was trying to have her do got her into trouble.

Serma then reported back to Sister Linora, and told her the guild would recover the captives. The Sister was happy that there would be a rescue mounted, and told Serma there were 10 captives to recover. Serma made a note of this and left the chapel after being blessed in Avandra’s name. She then visited the smith and collected the dagger she requested be forged once she returned from the battle with the deathpriest (The dagger the new one was replacing had been lost down a pit when it was thrown at the undead mage in the portal chamber.), she then went about town and collected materials for a healer’s kit, including herbs, sewing materials, and cloth. Reghan went to the blacksmith’s forge and requested a katar be forged. After sketching a picture for the smith, he agreed to attempt to make one for her. Since she would be out of town for the duration of the forging, the wait time was not an issue.

After a night’s rest, the girls set out after being given a hero’s farewell by the town. As they proceeded down the road to the mountain in the distance, they came across the wagon of The Iron Maidens, who offered transportation on wagon in return for an escort to the mountain. The majority of the time traveling passed without incident, (Save for a goblin attack which was quickly turned aside after Reghan’s face was scarred.) with a brief stop in Fallcrest before proceeding into the foothills of the Khel Vale. In the dawn light, just before the group entered the mountain, a griffon swooped down attempted to eat one of the horses. Reghan quickly put the beast to sleep, and Whisper tied up the monster and attempted to tame it. (Ever since she was a young girl, she dream of having a griffon to ride as most girls dream of having ponies.) While it did not eat her, her attempts to feed it from her hand almost ended with her losing her hand. After freeing the griffon, (only after deciding it wasn’t going to be tamed in a morning.) Whisper managed to catch up with the traveling group just as they entered the yawning maw into Thunderspire mountain. down a lit hall, twisting down into the gloom they pressed. After a few hours more travel, the guild was greeted with the wondrous sight of the Seven Pillared hall. Structure and cave flowed together, while multi-colored glowing globes lit the cavern. Beings of many types mingled in the streets as they made their way to various shops and locations. Now, the hunt for the Bloodreavers could begin….



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