The Power Puff Guild

Of Kobolds and Kaverns

"Wherein the Guild arrives at Winterhaven"

The Power Puff Guild is requested to help the church of Pelor investigate the activities of a Death Cult in Winterhaven. Having nothing better do and with gold running low, the guild agrees to have a look about.

On the way to the village, they are jumped by kobold brigands. They barely manage to fight the tenacious beasts off, with Bambi bleeding from multiple wounds where the monsters ganged up on her near death, while Serma’s face had been badly burned by a well-placed kobold firepot.

Without further incident, the guild set up shop in Winterhaven, settling in at Zin’s Inn to use as a base of operations. While Whisper and Bambi took naps to recover from the ordeal on the road, Reaghan was besmitten by and engaged in conversation with Lord Laurie, whom had popped in to have a beer. Interwoven throughout the convesation, his lordship expressed his woes over being unable to gather up a sufficient to drive out the Kobolds from Winterhaven. Reaghan made it obvious their guild could help with the situation. Overjoyed, Lord Laurie commissioned them to stamp out the kobolds and then rushed home to his wife’s dinner, much to Reaghan’s dismay.

Serma, at the same time, pumped the locals for information. After getting nothing of Eilian but a wish to see demon sacrifices, Serma consulted Valthrun, whom had little advice other than to see if the Kobolds were related, or possibly the ruined old keep north of town. He promised Serma to do research on the old keep and see if he could find out why it might where it was. Much more helpful was Ninaran, whom despite being a bit brusque, seemed to have an idea of what was going on.

She expressed her fear that the town was under the sway of the death cult and that not only was the town working with the death cult, but that the cult was working with the Kobolds. As it was the only solid lead, Serma obtained the location of the Kobold’s lair from Ninaran and went to go get the others. At a round table meeting, (With Eilian presiding from beneath Bambi’s skirt.) the guild formed a plan of attack, sharing everything they had learned in their time in town. As it was getting dark and they were still weary from the days events, they decided to rest and strike out for the lair the next morning, after stocking up on items to prevent grievous injuries like that day’s attack from happening again.

The next morning, the girls went shopping in the market, finally stepping into Bairwin’s Shop of Wonders to see what he had to offer. The flamboyant Bairwin struck a sour note with Reaghan, whom thought he was shady. Regardless, Bairwin’s was the only shop in town that stocked precious healing potions, a necessity for their assault on the kobold lair. Sadly though, they were penniless. (This of course, excepts Reaghan whom had the gold to buy a potion but kept the knowledge to herself.)Through intense negotiation and some hard feelings, the girls managed to obtain the potion’s, having to leave Shadow and the owl behind as collateral.

After leaving town, the guild was again ambushed, this time by a small pack of kobolds. These were easier dispatched, with Whisper finding an amulet of demon prince Orcus on one of the kobold bodies. This seemed to confirm Ninaran’s theory, and the girls trooped off to the Waterfall.

Upon arriving there, Bambi spotted a dozen kobolds lurking outside the waterfall, apparently guards. While girls were fiercely arguing what course of action to take, with Whisper advocating the group posing a prisoners with her as a priestess (To which the others pointed out the didn’t exactly seem like prisoners.). Of course, the kobolds heard their argument and raised the alarm, attempting to gather around an old druid circle and harness it’s power. Serma and Whisper leapt in the fray, hacking and smashing kobolds left and right, whilst Bambi (being held in reserve for true dangers inside the lair) and Reaghan launched arrows and magic from afar.

Once the guards had been dealt with, the guild made their way into the lair behind the waterfall. Inside, waves of kobolds came at them like a scaly torrent of blades. The beasts continued to fall, wearing down their foes for their fearless leader. Finally, the bray of warhorn, Irontooth joined the battle. Like a goblin possessed, the chieftain swung his axe at Bambi and Serma, while Whisper held down a flank with her scythe. Reaghan provided arcane aid whilst the others weather the goblin’s assault. All seemed lost as the kobolds seemed to endlessly parade in, Irontooth driven mad by the taste of his own blood, denting and crushing the armor of Serma and Bambi. Finally, lashing out in desperation and frustation, Whisper swung her scythe at the goblin chief. The blade buried in his chest. Again she swung, and and again, blood spurting from his body. As he fell, she continued to lacerate and impale his body, the kobolds fleeing at the loss of their chief to such hardy souls.

With the battle won, the girls rested, then searched the lair, removing a scroll tube and key from Irontooth’s body. They then located a treasure chest near the back, containing a good amount of gold and a well forged shirt of chainmail which Bambi snatched away immediately. After filling their bakcpacks with the spoils, they read Irontooth’s note. It was from Deathpriest Scott, the purported leader of the death cult. Apparently, he was working on a way to unleash undead on Winterhaven. Troubled by this news, but having no idea where to look next, the Power Puff Guild made their way back to Winterhaven, but not before loading the now empty chest with as many kobold weapons as Bambi could carry (Hint: It was pretty much all of them.) to take back to town to sell for smelting.

Until next time….



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