Whisper von Kleist

The arrogant royal


Dark blue hair, black skin and horns, silver eyes


Whisper is the youngest of the von Kleist royal family. She has two elder brothers, one who has been missing for more than a century.

Lumen, the youngest of the brothers, had accompanied his beloved sister on her journy to enlightenment. At the end of the journey, Lumen was never seen again; though Whisper did not return home alone.

Her new compainion was a little white, black tailed ferret named Shadow.

Whisper has no romantic feelings for anyone, but shows a strong dislike for Reaghan and her owl.

Shadow loves all of his master’s teammates, much to her dismay… Another thing about poor Shadow is that Whisper tells everyone he is a she and sometimes ties a pink ribbon around his neck. She does this to shun the rumors of her ferret being Lumen.

Whisper von Kleist

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