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  • Winterhaven Kobolds

    Lead by the vicious and cunning goblin [[IronTooth]], the Winterhaven Kobolds were a group of (obviously) Kobold thugs whom terrorized traders and farmers whom tried to ply the King's Road between [[Winterhaven]] and Faircrest. Recently, the Power Puff …

  • IronTooth

    Irontooth was the leader of the [[Winterhaven Kobolds]], directing their movements from their lair behind a waterfall south of [[Winterhaven]]. The Goblin cut an impressive figure, dressed in chainmail and a wolf's fur cloak, along with his distinctive …

  • Deathpriest Scott

    The Deathpriest Scott is an enigmatic leader of a death cult dedicated to Orcus, the Demon Lord of the Undead. He is believed to be operating somewhere in the vicinity of [[Winterhaven]]. As of right now, the Power Puff Guild, whom were dispatched to …

  • The Death Cult of Scott

    Lead by the [[Deathpriest Scott]], this cult for worshipping the demon lord Orcus is located somewhere near [[Winterhaven]]. They were proven to be in league with the [[Winterhaven Kobolds]]

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