The Iron Maidens


Renowned throughout the Nentir Vale, the Iron Maidens are the area’s foremost, and daring group of minstrels.

Wherever their brightly colored wagon goes, villages declare holidays and flock to see their performances, from hilarious japes of local figures, to Epic and Solemn ballads of local legends.

The band first came to the fore with their tale “The Legend of Kobold Hall”, a light hearted romp in which children outsmart a gang of ill-tempered kobolds and their dragon master. They then followed up with their memorable original tale “The Iron Maiden of Fallcrest”, detailing their origins and that of the mysterious Iron Maiden that seems to accompany them on their travels.

Their most recent favorite is the epic ballad “The Fall of Saruun Khel, a requiem for a long lost Minotaur Empire which ruled the Vale for hundreds of years from beneath Thunderspire Mountain

The group was first encountered playing in the town of Winterhaven, garnering critical acclaim for their new song “The Ballad of Sir Keaton, which tells of a story from Winterhaven’s recent past.

Since then, they have traveled (Escorted by the Power Puff Guild) to the Seven Pillared Hall in Thunderspire Mountain, to try singing their new song “The Keep on the Shadowfell”, a song of the Power Puff Guild’s exploits in protecting Winterhaven.


Of odd note, unlike most troupes, the Iron Maidens are all female, lending them an extra allure to those with tastes in the exotic.

Karenza Eversong -Leader of the Iron Maidens, Karenza claims her voice has enchanted men and gods alike. One look in this Elven minstrels eyes and you believe she has seen the ages. Her voices can bring exultation or tears, depending on the mood she wants to set.

Brooke Tailor -Brooke is the group’s lute player, and a virtuoso of the instrument, setting the mood of a room with a pluck of the scales. Rumor has it the lute was gifted to her by Pelor, and many a time a would-be thief has been turned away from the Maiden’s wagon, their hopes of proving the lute’s divinity dashed.

Cortian and Lieve Nimblefinger -Cortian and Lieve are the group’s twin halfling tumblers, quite adept with acrobatics. They are also quite good mummers, providing laughs with a change of costume to break up the music acts. They also utilize a special set of horns Astrid created for them.

Astrid Finehammer -Astrid the dwarf (Shaven may we add.) is the group’s technician, managing the logistics of their performances, as well as crafting new implements for them such as the twins’ horns and the “Finehammer Differential Drumming Device” which she herself plays. The device is marvelous, consisting of different sets of drums with different beating implements nearby, as well as bells and thundermakers. The device is played by pressing a series of buttons which activate a series of pulleys and gears, hitting certain drums with certain sticks or brushes. While this can make a tremendous amount of noise if not used properly, Astrid manages to make a steady beat for the others to use, a rock solid foundation which the other music may flow upon.

Hecate -Hecate is the group’s mascot, a mysterious Iron Maiden the group totes with them where ever they go. Villagers insist the device is never seen to be moved to and from the wagon, yet it always is on stage for every show, and gone the next morning. Others call it a portent of doom, saying that the Maidens sacrifice a girl from each town to the appease the dark being that lurks with the torture device, and in return it grants them their song making capability. These are of course, rumors whispered by those claiming zombies will attack the town every time there is a full moon and that drinking ale is bad because imps poisoned it.

The Iron Maidens

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