Whisper is one of the scions of the fading von Kleist line, a throwback to the ancient empire of Bael Turath. Like all Tieflings, Whisper is afflicted with the trademark demon horns and tail of her race. But what makes her stand out even among her own kind is her house’s “Caste Mark”. The von Kliests of old, in their haste and passion to seal the pact with the devils of the Nine Hells, performed deeds so black it darkened their very skin to that of night. To this day, other tieflings recognize this mark and are either repulsed or attracted to it, depending on what they have heard.

Whisper travels because her family requires it. The von Kliests are renowned witches, amplifying their devil pacts with promises to lurking beings hiding beyond the stars. Whisper has been sent abroad to search for the signs of their return, as her family eagerly awaits the portents that the stars are right.

Whisper is never without Shadow, her white ferret she claims she picked up in the Sultanate of Azhad. Also while in Azhad, she met her erstwhile “traveling companion” Reaghan. The two are always snarking at each other until Serma breaks them up.

Recently, Whisper distinguished herself in the guild by landing the killing blow on the Goblin Leader of the Winterhaven Kobolds, Irontooth. She has since turned his tooth into a pendant.


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