The springtime village of Winterhaven sports a robust population of 977 and is ruled by the good Lord Hugh Laurie. Within it’s walls, free trade prospers under the watchful eyes of the Winterhaven regulars, while without, small farms cluster around the walled village like chicks to a mother hen. To the south lies the King’s Road, and to the north, the Cairmgorn Peaks hide the ruins of an old keep built by the human empire of Nerath. Local legends state ghosts and goblins lurk amongst the ruins, and will generally warn people away from venturing near there.

Zin’s Inn sits just inside the the gates and is the only public house in town. (The nearest being a good travel away in Fallcrest) The inn’s proprieter, Zin Dreamwalker, is fairly young for a barkeep, having inherited the place from her recently deceased father. Regularly, villagers gather in the inn to hear stories as told by Valthrun, the local sage or to enjoy the latest brews with Eilian, the oldest farmer still working the fields. Even Lord Laurie makes appearances in Zin’s, generally taking a beer and a corner table after everyone doffs their hat for him.

Villagers also gather in the Market Square, trading nearly everday. Thairn Coalstriker tends the town forge, a robust dwarf always working to make everyone’s life easier with metal implements.

Bairwin’s Shop of Wonders sits just off the square, purporting to have fantastic items from all over the world. Bairwin claims to be an adventurer of sorts, claiming it all the time from behind his shaded spectacles as he hawks his wares.

In the middle of town is Valthrun’s tower, home to the sage where he spends his days keeping the local lore.

Sister Linora tends the temple, where people pray to the pantheon of good gods, though mostly to Avandra, goddess of luck and chance. Normally, the good sister is seen about town, tending to the spiritual needs of the villagers.

Up until recently, Winterhaven’s villagers lived in terror of the Winterhaven Kobolds, until the Power Puff Guild routed them out of their lair a few days ago. Now maybe trade can start along the King’s Road again…


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