Winterhaven Kobolds

Lead by the vicious and cunning goblin IronTooth, the Winterhaven Kobolds were a group of (obviously) Kobold thugs whom terrorized traders and farmers whom tried to ply the King’s Road between Winterhaven and Faircrest.

Recently, the Power Puff Guild succeeded in casting out the Kobolds and their chief by tracking them to their hidden waterfall lair south of Winterhaven. They were directed there by Ninaran, whom believed they were allied with death cults lurking in the area.

After slaying the Kobolds and Irontooth, the Guild learned that the Kobolds were merely pawns in the Deathpriest Scott’s plans to visit undead terror on Winterhaven.

The Winterhaven Kobolds venerated Orcus, the demon lord of the undead, probably at Irontooth’s behest.

Winterhaven Kobolds

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