The Power Puff Guild

Date with a Deathpriest

In which the party confronts their foe

Upon awaking, the guild felt a cold dark feeling wash over them. Things that should not have been crept towards them in the darkness. Michael bounded after them, promising to hold the rearguard while the girls went onward. Bursting through the looming double doors, they emerged in what appeared to be some sort of dark cathedral, partially ruined with creatures lurking. Standing on the altar was a priest offering blood to Orcus, flanked by frothing barbarians. He loosed them on the guild, as vampires and the shadows themselves emerged to fight the party. In the ring of steel on steel, and the explosions of magic, Serma was laid low by one of the barbarians. Her companions fought on, Michael rejoining the group and helping to slaughter the legions. Bambi used her sylvan lore to help bind Serma’s wounds, waking her to consciousness. Cautious, but undaunted, the party peered down the gaping maw in the floor into which the blood from the sacrifices flowed. Sliding down chains which went down into the hole (Reaghan just barely managing to hold on), they plummeted into a nightmare. The blood pooled and flowed throughout this large chamber. A gigantic statue of Orcus stood at one of the room, as if poised to open the portal the opposite end of the room. Something was trying to push it’s way though. Guarded by skeletal warriors was the Deathpriest Scott. Snapping curses at the party, he ordered the skeletons to attack, while some sort of undead mage cast spells from another part of the room. Serma tried to tend to the mage, while the others made quick work of the skeletons. As they reached the deathpriest, he vanished, reappearing before the portal as if to welcome the beast in the Shadowfell over to this realm. Soon enough, the entire was engaging the priest, who’s dark powers aided and protected him against the deadly warriors. All the while, the thing in the portal attempted to drag the party members to a grim fate. It was a battle of the ages, as Fey magic and Elven steel blended with Dragon’s Fire and Deva Might, while the Tiefling magic of the stars thrummed and boomed, hammering the worshipper of unlife. In the end, even a creature such as he could not withstand the assault, and allowed himself to be taken by the thing in the portal rather than be defeated by such pithy travelers. As Scott vanished, the portal was sealed, and the aura around the chamber lifted, but only slightly so. After picking the area clean, the guild ascended the chain, and left the keep, returning to a hero’s welcome in Winterhaven! And so ends the tale of the Power Puff Guild and the Keep on the Shadowfell….

Next time: The Power Puff Guild and the Thunderspire....



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